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Batik Wall Adornments

Made in Bali these art pieces on cloth are stunningly colorful and versatile. Maria Bodmann hand picks each selection. The painstaking process of batik uses wax to resist color - every color you see had to be "painted with wax" so next color does not overtake the space of the previous color. The more colors in a batik wall hanging, the more times wax had to be applied. -

Frame them as you would any art. If you're an over achiever, consider making a light box or a shadow box - a frame that has depth and seat a light bulb where you would like the batik to be back lit. This manner of hanging is well worth the extra work to make it happen. Satisfied customers have mentioned that they have used these pieces in pillows, clothing and even quilts!

Two Dancers Batik - $15.00
12" x 12"

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Farmer's Batik - $15.00
12" x 12"

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Mask Batik #2 - $15.00
15" x 15"

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Two Fish Batik - $15.00
12" x 12"

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Cat Batik - $15.00
12" x 12"

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Palm Temple Batik - $15.00
12" x 12"

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Fisherman Batik - $15.00
12" x 12"

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Mask Batik #1 - $15.00
12" x 12"

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Fishing Boat Batik - $15.00
12" x 12"

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More images and sizes to be added shortly - Check back often!

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