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Charmed Thonged and Beaded Necklaces

All of our jewelry is made from the finest quality beads, charms and crystals.
Some beads are florescent and onyx from the 1920's and 1930's and much of our silver is 925 sterling.
Our leather thong necklaces are tied with adjustable knots so you may determine the length of your necklace!
Custom orders are welcome - please ask maRia about this or any other questions you may have.

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Yin/Yang Thong - $12.00

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Golden Brass Snake Thong - $12.00

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Bird on Beads 1 - $15.00

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Bird on Beads2 - $15.00

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Dragon w/Sterling Thong - $20.00

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Dragon w/Sterling2 Thong - $20.00

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Circle Pendant Thong - $15.00

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Heart Pendant Thong - $15.00

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Multicolor Bead2 - $12.00

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Multicolor Bead - $12.00

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Brass Mask Thong - $12.00

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Silver Snake Thong - $12.00

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Diamond Pendant Thong - $15.00

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Teardrop Pendant Thong - $15.00

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Alice Charmed Beads - $15.00

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Angel Sun Charmed Beads - $15.00

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winged dragon necklaceWingedDragon Thong - $15.00

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mermaid necklace
Mermaid Thong - $15.00

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Brass Elephant Thong - $12.00

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Nickel Mask Thong - $12.00

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Blue Swirl Thong - $12.00

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Heart Thong Thong - $12
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