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Painted Wall Adornments

  • These beautiful paintings hail from two important art centers on the island of Bali. Maria Bodmann, who has been living on and visiting Bali for over a 20 years knows the artists personally and hand picks each selection. Titles include the name of the village they were made - Kamasan and Batuan and they also contain information about the the image - character or story names.
  • Kamasan village, located in the Klungkung Regency, is the birthplace of traditional Balinese paintings. These particular pieces were created by artist I Nyoman Treshna of Banjar Sanging, a community famous for the best paintings of this style! Each work of art illustrates a scene from the Mahabarata, Ramayana or a local folk tale. Some of you may recognize characters and motifs from Balinese Wayang Kulit shadow theater in the Kamasan paintings!
  • Batuan village is part of the Gianyar Regency, famous for the best of the fine and performing artists on the island. Gianyar is also the home of Sukawati village, headquarters of the legendary Dalang (Shadow Artists) who make and perform the Wayang Kulit Shadow Play of Bali! The Batuan pieces are more "modern" in nature than the traditional Kamasan ones. They represent different dancers that may perform in temples or art centers.
  • When admiring these works of art, be sure to notice the borders of each painting as they determine the quality and amount of detail of each piece. All paintings in this shoppe are of medium to high quality.
Batuan Dancer #3 - $20.00
7.5" x 18"

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Kamasan Rama Sita - $22.00
11" x 14"

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Batuan Dancer #1 - $20.00
7.5" x 18"

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Kamasan Garuda Blue - $22.00
11" x 14"

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Batuan Dancer #2 - $22.00
7.5" x 18"

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Kamasan Garuda Color - $20.00
9.5" x 11"

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Kamasan Wisnu Blue - $20.00
9" x 11"

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Kamasan Two Monkeys - $22.00
12" x 14"

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Kamasan Bathing Angels - $35.00
17" x 21"

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Kamasan Parwa #1 - $25.00
3" x 15"

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Kamasan Parwa #2 - $35.00
17" x 24.5"

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Kamasan Parwa #3 - $35.00
16" x 24"

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